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Join the ranks of dozens Top 100 retailers who have already partnered with Genesis Credit to achieve up to 90% approval rates, significant increases in ticket size, and astonishing repeat business. They know why Genesis Credit leads the nation in second‑look financing. Our programs are created on the idea that near‑prime consumers and our retail partners deserve prime‑credit experience that is affordable, fast, and easy to use. We have almost two decades of consumer‑finance experience, product innovation, and dedication to exceptional customer service. We continually outperform other secondary lenders with our configurable programs, underwriting, proprietary technology, and unique consumer‑scoring model.


Whether you are looking for strong approval rates and high credit lines or the ability to offer your customers flexible terms with promotional deferred interest, Genesis has tailored programs that can fit your needs.

Discover why Genesis is the #1 provider of second-look financing solutions.

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*Requires at least $5M in Estimated Annual Financing

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